Aeducation was made to solve a simple problem: how can challenging classes be made easier? Taking tens of AP and honors level classes, students are constantly being challenged and pushed to their highest academic potential, which is great, but the experience could definitely be made easier. Fortunately, Aeducation was a simple answer.
Aeducation has made education easier in a plethora of ways. First of all, students can now share educational content made on their own in a platform that is aesthetically-appealing and easy to navigate. Also, students can interact with teachers to upload videos that can be vetted for classroom learning. Finally, we are taking the next by partnering with honor societies to allow students to obtain volunteer hours through videos on Aeducation.
Take the next step with us and join Aeducation. We assure you will be satisfied.


Avi Shah

Co-founder, Co- president, and creator of Java and physics content.

Vice presidents:

Vinay Gonugondla

Co-founder, vice president, and creator of A.P. Macroeconomics content.

Other board members:

Nihal Sivakumar

Co-founder and creator of physics and A.P. Biology content.

Daniel Chong

Video editor and creator of Spanish content.